Tim Draper: ‘Everyone’ Will Buy Coffee With Bitcoin In 2021

Everyone Will Buy Coffee in 2021 With Bitcoin

2 Years To The ‘Coffee Standard’?

Billionaire Bitcoin investor Tim Draper thinks the world will be purchasing coffee with Bitcoin (BTC) in simply 2 years– but does not plan on using any.

In an interview with FOX Business February 18, the popular Bitcoin advocate provided the most recent in his series of buoyant forecasts for the cryptocurrency’s growth.

“I think we’re probably two years away before everyone’s buying coffee,” he told the network.

Tim Draper

His comments come as mindsets towards Bitcoin’s place in the global economy move away from transactions to store of value.

As Bitcoinist otherwise reported, analysts consider the principle of Bitcoin as “digital gold” to be the largest cryptocurrency’s finest shot at accomplishing supremacy.

Analysis of the Bitcoin blockchain has even more revealed a taste for ‘HODLing’ instead of spending amongst investors as the marketplace continues its record-breaking downturn.

Draper Banking On Lightning Network

For Draper, the customer payment aspect depends upon scaling solutions, significantly the Lightning Network, getting ideal acknowledgment.

“As that begins penetrating the system, it’s going to make it much easier to just use our phone and say, ‘Here, barista, do this,'” he continued.

Rounding off the coffee subject, Draper added that by 2023, baristas would be “chuckling” at those who attempted to use fiat currency to spend for their purchases. In spite of generating huge amounts of Bitcoin, nevertheless, Draper says he has no plans to trade or invest any of his personal holdings.

The next five years are crunch time for the Tezos fan’s bullish Bitcoin position. By 2022, he formerly claimed, BTC/USD would reach $250,000 per coin, one of the highest forecasts to emerge from the market.

Despite this, Draper has remained vague on how such development will come about. Nonetheless, as others kept in mind, Lightning alone has actually seen substantial expansion in the last couple of weeks alone.

Promotion from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has combined with consumer-oriented payment offerings– the most recent of which being Bitcoin Pizza– hitting the market in order to make using Bitcoin more instinctive for non-technical holders.

Did You Know Since 2017 Starbucks Lets Customers Use Bitcoin To Get Their Coffee

buy starbucks with bitcoinThe chain’s app has been dealing with iPayYou to provide Bitcoin users a much easier time when purchasing coffee.

Starbucks has partnered with iPayYou, a platform Bitcoin users can utilize to make purchases, to have their method of payment work through the store’s application. Starbucks’ application enables them to buy a number of things off of their menu.

Before a user can buy an item from Starbucks, they need to initially pick a quantity of Bitcoin they want to move over. The transfer instantly represents any exchange rates with Bitcoin, representing all real-time conversion rates. When it’s finished, the user can easily pick what items they ‘d like to purchase off the menu. This collaboration follows up iPayYou making it much easier for their users to buy physical items using Bitcoin by making gift cards of major merchants available on their site.

Users can start using this format once they have an iPayYou account and a Starbucks application on their phone.


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