Knee Injuries


Knee injuries occur frequently and for a variety of reasons. Knee injuries happen due to sports, age, and accidents among other factors. When a person suffers a knee problem, it impairs their mobility and speaking from experience, a knee injury can be quite painful. Millions of Americans suffer from pain due to knee injuries and the number grows daily.

Athletes know the pain of knee injuries all too well due to the violent nature of their sports. Athletes involved in contact sports like soccer, football, and basketball are at high risk when it comes to knee problems. When 300-pound players collide with one another at high-speed, it’s only a matter of time before knee injuries happen.

In addition, these athletes twist and contort their bodies into positions that make their knees more vulnerable to injury. Sometimes all it takes is for a player’s foot to get caught in turf or to jump and come down on a fallen player causing his knee to buckle and be injured. While these knee injuries occur on courts or fields, some knee damage can happen in the home.

People also get knee injuries from falling off of roofs or ladders and from falling down stairs. Statistics show that most accidents occur in the home or within a few blocks of the home. In fact, there could be problems ensuring a home that has stairs that don’t have a required handrail or at has missing or broken stairs. It’s easy to see how this could result in falls and knee wounds. Some injuries o knees occur when homeowners try to save money by doing it themselves rather than hire a roofer to repair the roof. Falls like this have killed some people and maimed others for life. These weekend warriors are fortunate if they escape with just knee pain.

Age can be another contributing factor to knee pain. As we age our bones become less dense, making them more brittle and susceptible to falling and serious injury. This is more prominent than ever with the average lifespan of Americans getting higher and higher. Ironically, this is due to advances in medicine and people taking better care of themselves. But seniors suffer knee damage doing an everyday task that at one time were simple, like getting into or out of a bathtub. A task like this becomes more difficult with age for some and put them at greater risk of falling and hurting their knees.

Whether it be from sports, falls or accidents in the home, knee damage can be serious and steps should be taken to prevent injury when possible. Here are a few simple steps you can take to help prevent knee damage.
1. Repair any broken stairs around the house.
2. Don’t climb on ladders that aren’t stable.
3. Consider hiring a professional for any work on your roof or work that requires climbing on a ladder.
4. Install handrails in the bathtub and shower in your home.