crypto market breakout imminent

Crypto Market Wrap: Consolidation Continues, Is a Breakout Imminent?

Market Wrap for Mid February 2019 Crypto consolidation continues; Litecoin still inching up, NEO making progress, everything else is flat. Crypto markets are looking a little...
bitcoin adoption

The Lightning Pump, Bitcoin Adoption Inevitable as BTC Prices Inch Higher

Bitcoin Adoption Inevitable Bitcoin rates are technically bullish, but must close above $3,800. Lightning Network picking up speed, Domino’s Pizza now accepting Bitcoin via...
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price ‘Hit Equilibrium,’ Says Mike Novogratz

Novogratz: $3400 – $3600 Is ‘Equilibrium’ Talking to Bloomberg at a conference in Abu Dhabi February 13, Novogratz repeated his ongoing faith in Bitcoin's forthcoming...
localbitcoins trade

Localbitcoins Trade Surges in Latin America and East Asia

The peer-to-peer (P2P) markets saw a rise in trade activity this past week, with the Localbitcoins markets of 5 countries publishing record volume. The...