Brixcoin Philanthropic Blockchain Project Updates February 2019


Brixcoin Philanthropic Blockchain Project Updates February 17th 2019

The Brixcoin Philanthropic Blockchain project keeps going from strength to strength with further developments and enhancements during the month of February 2019.

The Brixcoin community get together at regular intervals to further inform their members of updates being made to the Brixcoin Project Portfolio. In the video above they discuss new enhancements to their Masternode Platform EziMasternodes.Com with an additional coin listing and even more improvements to their cross coin trading exchange.

Following on from that discussion was a brief ‘sneak peek’ at their up and coming discord tip bot, which will encourage their members to return to their ‘home’ channels within the discord platform. The tip bot is said to contain many features that will help reward users for participation in community events, quizzes and what Brixcoin term as ‘Regular Rewards Program’

Further into the video they also reveal their advertising network platform where both advertisers and publishers will benefit from the decentralized blockchain project. It was discussed that advertisers that have been ‘locked out’ of traditional advertising platforms will be able to do so within Brixcoins advertising network … emphasis was made to ICO’s, crypto gambling sites and many other market sectors which are banned from using traditional methods.

We hope you enjoy the show and come and join us on our journey @Brixcoin


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