Are You Addicted To Alcohol?

What Is Alcohol Addiction?

One of the best examples of substance abuse in today’s society is alcohol addiction.If you can call it a “best example”

Now we all love to drink a little at parties and social gatherings. But that is not getting addicted to alcohol. Alcohol addiction arises when there is over indulgence in the intake of alcohol on a daily basis which may cause mental instability, failure in health and even death. Under these circumstances it becomes necessary to avail alcohol treatment which is provided by alcohol rehabilitation centers. People often look at alcohol consumption as means to escape pain in life, escape from stresses, manage loneliness or failures or forget.

By pain we are mostly referring to emotional pain, heartbreaks, tensions and stresses that you face in everyday life. There are many people in this world who do not have the strength and capability to face emotional turmoil and tend to become escapists. These are the people who are most likely to get addicted to drugs and alcohol. When alcohol is taken in excessive quantities it travels through your blood and reaches your brain. Once this occurs, you are transported to another world altogether. This feeling of elevation provides tranquility for a short period of time only but can be disastrous to your mind and health in the long run.

Excessive intake of alcohol results in heart diseases, and diseases related to the liver and kidneys. If not controlled, it can even lead to death. Since alcohol affects the brain and will power the individual, on his own, will never be able to give up. Proper effective treatment at an alcohol treatment center is the only way he can turnaround his life and become normal again. At these rehabilitation centers the patients are made to go through a complex detoxification system where the toxic elements are removed from the body. A proper diet is advised and the patient is taken through a number of therapy and counseling sessions for cure. Most alcohol treatment centers also involve the friends and family members of the addicts in the therapy. This is done as it is believed that near and dear ones can provide the best support system for the patient during cure. Exercises, medication and yoga is also advised to the patients as part of the therapy. Some alcohol treatment programs also rely on faith based healing which are referred to as Christian rehabs and have no side effects for curing one of alcohol addiction.

If alcoholism is not controlled before it’s too late the victim will gradually move towards self destruction and death. Alienation from society, violent outbursts of anger, ill treatment towards near and dear ones, lack of concentration, mental instability are just some of the common symptoms of alcoholism. An alcoholic ends up losing his family and his friends, his job and source of income, his place in society and at the end his very life. From individual counseling to group therapy sessions, psychotherapy sessions to spiritual rehabilitation and holistic programs, these alcohol treatment centers resort to various methods in order to help the patient lead a sober, healthy and happy life once again.