Health Benefits of Bananas

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health benefits of bananas

The best way to describe a banana is as conveniently wrapped. To most of us they are the ideal fruit to eat in the office or take with us on a car journey. But, what are the true health benefits of bananas and are we getting enough of them?

Some ladies who diet like to think that they are bad for you. However, the opposite is true. A proper ripe banana will help to speed up your digestion, and will assimilate easy with other foods and even breads. Not all fruits can be baked well in bread, but bananas certainly can. As a matter of fact, when you bake with bananas you can cut down on the amount of sugar that you use. So, what is so special about bananas?

Surprise, surprise

Bananas are actually very low in calories, but what they are rich in is potassium. Potassium is a vital mineral that many of us do not get enough of and we should look out for in our diet. This humble trace mineral will help to regulate blood pressure, improve nerve and muscle function. It can be found in other foods as well, but bananas are a vital source. Read More ...