Health Benefits of Bananas

The best way to describe a banana is as conveniently wrapped. To most of us they are the ideal fruit to eat in the office or take with us on a car journey. But, what are the true health benefits of bananas and are we getting enough of them?

Some ladies who diet like to think that they are bad for you. However, the opposite is true. A proper ripe banana will help to speed up your digestion, and will assimilate easy with other foods and even breads. Not all fruits can be baked well in bread, but bananas certainly can. As a matter of fact, when you bake with bananas you can cut down on the amount of sugar that you use. So, what is so special about bananas?

Surprise, surprise

Bananas are actually very low in calories, but what they are rich in is potassium. Potassium is a vital mineral that many of us do not get enough of and we should look out for in our diet. This humble trace mineral will help to regulate blood pressure, improve nerve and muscle function. It can be found in other foods as well, but bananas are a vital source.

Many sports men and women eat a lot of bananas before they start training. They know that potassium will help them to train for longer and build stronger muscles. A ripe banana is easy to digest, and if you suffer from high blood pressure, you should try to eat at least two bananas per day on an empty stomach.

Bananas for your stomach

Many people with peptic ulcers, or stomach problems, say that they get relief when they eat bananas. It is known that they stimulate cell and mucus production in the stomach, and this helps to line the stomach. It has been suggested that bananas are just as effective as many of the drugs you can take to protect the stomach lining.

The Brat diet has been used successfully around the world to help children and young adults who suffer from stomach problems. It is a simple diet which can be used for a few days to calm diarrhea and slow down an overactive bowel. It consists of bananas, rice, apple-sauce and toast. For some reason, these four simple ingredients seem to have the desired effect.

Bananas for energy

The best time to eat bananas could be in the morning. They are very rich in fruit sugar and can release energy quickly into your blood stream. This explains why so many of us like to add them to our morning diet, and perhaps even slice them on our cereal in the morning. A really health breakfast would be oat porridge, a sliced banana, apple sauce and some almond milk. One of the best energy sources to go to work or school on in the morning.

If you feel that you are really tired in the morning and need an extra energy boost, you should perhaps look at a couple of magical combinations. Not only will they warm you up, but they will give a better start to the day than that extra cup of coffee.

Smooth operators

In our family they are referred as smooth operators, and will help you to start the day in the right kind of way. Bananas are best not mixed with other fruits as the body will make use of their goodness much better in this way. We love smoothies in our families, and all our favorite smoothies are made with bananas. Here are couple of recipes which are real pick me up morning tonics.

Recipe One: Mix together one banana, half a tea spoon of cinnamon, table spoon of apple sauce and a glass of almond milk. Blend for about three minutes and you will have the perfect banana smoothie.

Recipe Two: Mix together one banana, a bit of grated root ginger and a glass of almond milk. Blend for about two minutes, this is the perfect winter warmer for cold mornings.

Bananas are perfect little yellow shapes of nutritional perfection that can wake us up and help us sleep when baked into an oat biscuit. We should all get to know bananas better, and make them our go to fruit. The health benefits of bananas should be celebrated not ignored.